Compact Interior Cladding

The interior cladding produced with the electron bombardment curing (EBC) system is produced as resistant to external factors.

Its specially produced surface preserves its first day appearance despite harsh weather conditions such as snow, rain, wind, temperature differences and sunlight. Decorative panels produced with different colors and patterns are especially preferred in exterior design applications. Thanks to its resistance to conditions, it is resistant to bending, breaking, bending and scratching. With its extra reinforced surface, it is resistant to chemical effects and fungi. In addition, if desired, it can be produced in fire resistant B1 jerseys.

It has application areas such as shopping centers, gyms, hospitals, schools, commercial spaces, airports, residences, balconies.

Thickness: 4mm – 20mm

Dimensions: 1300 - 2800 mm - 1300 - 3050 mm