Wc Compact Cabin

Wc Compact Cabinet Compact Laminate Panels, 12 mm thick, produced with HPL technology, are produced with raw materials that do not pose a threat to human health and are used in areas with high surface strength, water, humidity and humidity.

It is preferably used in many special projects due to its durability and ease of use.

WC Compact Cabinet is beveled at a 45-degree angle and 1 mm wide when manufacturing. Before the material is mounted, drilling is done with 5-axis CNC machines. The edges of the compact laminate are parallel to the ground, smoothness is ensured in the CNC machine. The door edges are turned on and the lamp is manufactured. The assembly process ends with cabinet accessories and fasteners.

It is applied in many areas such as Wc Compact Cabins, Wet Areas, Shopping Malls, Hospitals, Commercial Spaces, Hotels, Schools, Cultural Centers, Public Areas, Cafes and Restaurants.

Dimensions - 950 x 2150 mm - 1220 x 2440 mm - 1300 x 3050mm - 1300 x 2800mm - 1400 x 3660mm -1540 x 3660 mm 1860 x 4200 mm