Postforming Z Compact Bench

Compact Laminate These are compact laminate panels produced with HPL production technique, the thickness of which is determined by increasing the amount of kraft paper. It is a compact laminate that is produced with special production technology for forming and can be shaped if necessary conditions are met by the applicators. It addresses many general usage areas such as bendable inner-external corners, concave turns, laboratory benches, bathrooms, window sills and door sills, decorative folds in office and home furniture, facade cladding, benches.

Compact laminate is a preferred material with its moisture resistance, easy cleaning, durability and hygienic features.

Thicknesses: 2.5mm - 13mm

Dimensions: 1300 x 2800 mm, 1300 x 3050 mm 1400x 3660 mm 1540 x 3660